Why no more plastic straws?

why no more plastic straws

Plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems in the world. Among the plastic wastes, plastic straw is one of the most common type of garbage. Countries around the world consume huge amounts of plastic straws every day. In the United States, for example, 1.6 straws are used by every person per day.

1.Disposable = Permanent

Disposable plastic straws have been widely used and the tendency is uncontrollable. Although they can only be used for a few seconds, hours or days, the resulting hazards will last forever. 

The contamination of disposable plastic straws is reflected in every step of the production process: manufacturing, use and disposal. Plastic is a material that cannot be degraded naturally. Plastics will always exist, and even if it has been burned to ashes, it will still pollute the nature in the form of particles.

Plastics cause pollution in our food chain

In nature, plastics can be broken down into tiny particles which may attract other chemical contaminants. These plastic granules, once absorbed by terrestrial and marine organisms, will continue to contaminate the natural as well as the food chain of human beings.

2. Plastics affect human health

Harmful chemicals attached to plastics will stick to every part of our body, such as blood vessels, organs and even newborn babies have suffered from the hazards of plastics. Studies show that the pollution of plastic particles has penetrated into every aspect of our lives, from rivers and oceans to soils, foods including our drinking water.

3.Terrible marine pollution endangers innocent marine life

In 2015, a group of pictures of a turtle were widely spread: the researchers spent nearly ten minutes taking a crumpled plastic straw from the nostril of a Pacific turtle, which bought great pain to the bleeding turtle.

French scientists found 800 kilograms of plastic wastes from a stranded whale.

At the same time, people found 6 square meters of plastic cloth and 30 whole plastic bags in a whale in Australia. 

These sad stories occur repeatedly, which are shocking enough to attract human attention. However, is it only marine life that is threatened?

Although humans are at the very top of the biological chain, if the bottom biological chain is affected, the final result is self-evident.

It is necessary to know that plastic straw is just a small tool that people use in their daily lives. Actually, we can use paper tubes, silicone straws, stainless steel straws, etc. instead of plastic straws, which can be also very convenient. However, for the environment and natural creature, the existence of plastic straws and other plastic products will seriously threaten their survival and endanger human beings in the end.