Reusable straws - 100% SGS LFGB&FDA food grade silicone


Reusable - Green & eco-friendly

America pays much attention to the environmental problem caused by plastic straws, since they are too small to be recycled. Terrible marine pollution endangers innocent marine life. We can use bubird silicone straws instead of plastic straws, which can be also very convenient.

Soft and safer

Compared to the ordinary glass or steel straw, Bubird silicone straws can avoid hurting your lips and teeth when driving or braking. They pass pinch testing - If you pinch them they won’t turn white.The soft touch protects baby's tender gums.


This product is made of 100% SGS LFGB food grade silicone material, BPA free, LFGB & FDA approved.Good for hot or cold beverages - Rated for temperatures of -4°F to 240°F, making it safe to use for boiling water,hot beverages and frozen drinks.

Pick up your own silicone straws


I hope I can find bubird reusable food grade straws earlier!!!
highly recommended!!

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Magical alternative of single-use plastic straws.


Silicone straw is so perfect for me!!! cause I'm a “straw-chewers”I urgently need safe and reusable straws. 

Nora Oldbuck

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